There Is Nothing Better Than A Good Therapeutic Treatment

If you are looking for a full body massage San Jose large spa with therapists and beauticians highly qualified and trained, The Spa – Los Gatos is the right place. Our San Jose massage therapies are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re stressed, pain, or simply relax and recharge tired batteries, we can help. Each massage is candlelight and includes a free private steam shower with your favorite essential oil-infused station.

If you have never had a full body massage bay area, you will love our Signature Massage. This Swedish style massage helps tense muscles to reduce and alleviate stress. Your therapist will use gentle pressure with long soothing movements. You can choose between 30, 50, 65, or press 80 minutes of treatment. I was massaged from head to toe with a scented massage oil of your choice.

One of the most popular treatments in the spa

•    Los Gatos is the sampler full body massage Sunnyvale. This therapy includes a Swedish style massage, deep tissue work and reflexology. For those who have never had the pleasure of a massage, it’s the perfect introduction to different types of therapies. You can download a minute massage sampler 65, 80 or 95 have that free steam shower.

•    If overuse muscle spasms occur, or work in a job that has a repetitive motion, our deep tissue massage therapy is the answer. Our therapists use the pressure point and release deep penetration that goes directly into the muscle. Try massage minutes 30, 50, 65 or 80, followed by the invigorating steam shower San Jose.

•    Hot stone massage is the perfect treatment if you have been under a lot of stress. This thermal radiation to penetrate smooth stones with your body that you are a truly relaxing experience Basalt. 80 minutes you will be relaxed and revitalized, let especially after the steam shower.

•    The body of pregnant women goes through all kinds of changes to the design so after the baby is born. For maternity massage we use the body support cushions that provide all the comfort you need. Our therapists work your lower back pain and ankle rid pain. Note: This treatment is available for our customers after the first quarter. The treatment of 50 or 65 minutes also includes a steam shower without.

Welfare Oncology / Massage Nurture is perfect if you have had lately, or have cancer treatment. Free steam shower is also recommended. If you have had an operation, please wait 6 weeks before their upbringing massage. We ask you 15 minutes before your treatment to come, so that we can give an interview on health.

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